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Art Gallery

The Pop-Up Gallery


As a small independent artist, I am excited to be hosting ‘The Pop-up Gallery’ located in the heart of North Shields cultural quarter. We are working alongside Ramsey's Theatre School which is providing the space for this event.

‘The Pop-up Gallery’ will take place in September/October 2024.

We offer this to the artists at no cost, allowing you to break into the art scene as easily as possible. There will be 3 separate categories of artists, who can showcase their artwork in person to the general public, there will be 6 artists chosen per category.

The successful artists will each have a 60x120 table top and up to two grid wall panels for hanging art depending on the individual requirements.

The Catagories

The Teens: 

Our first category is 'The Teens', young adults aged between 16-19. Whether you are a student, have a passion for art, or even be an established artist. Whatever stage in your art career you are in this event is for you! This category will allow younger artists to show their art professionally with peers in their age range. 

We want younger artists to grow their confidence and get their foot into the world of art at a younger age, allowing them to grow and network within the community.

Show date: 28/09/24


The Females:

The second category would be for women in art. An all-female selection of artists to celebrate their skills and their perception of womanhood. Like our teens category, this is open to artists at any stage in their art career. There is also no age cap in this category.

Show Date: 05/10/24


The Newbies:

Our last category would be for artists who are in the early stages of their art career, are eager to get their work shown to a larger audience, and grow their following within the art scene. This category is open to both male and female artists.

Show Date: 12/10/24

Successful artists can use this as an opportunity to network, grow confidence, and or sell work. This event is open to 2D, 3D, and digital artists within North Tyneside and surrounding areas. The event will be open to the public and tickets will be available to purchase in advance and at the door. 

If this sounds like something you are interested in please get in touch following the instructions below. Entries will close on 30/06/24 and we will respond to every application within the month of July. 

Email us at with ‘Pop-up Gallery’ as the subject, make sure to include your name and which category you fit into along with links to your portfolio or art you would like to show at the event.

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