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                       my name is Sophia. I am a designer & illustrator based in the North East of England.

I have studied art in its many forms all my life beginning in high school and working through college and university eventually ending up in the US to pursue fashion design in 2013.

I worked for Abercrombie & Fitch as their boy's lead bottoms designer until 2021 when I decided to move back to the North East of England with my growing family. 

In 2023 I launched mini studio, an art club for children aged 5-10. Helping them express their creativity and learn different art skills is the most rewarding part of my career so far! 

Along with mini studio I also work on traditional art in the form of commission work and personal work which is currently being sold locally here in the North East.

I love to learn new skills and I am always looking to expand my knowledge in the art field. I love networking with local creative people and I am at my happiest when juggling my freelance work with being a stay-at-home Mom of three.

"You had the power all along me dear"

Glinda the good witch

North East Artist 

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